Wheel building

Wheel building

Wheel building is a complex sophisticated process, which quality is reflected in the quality of the bicycle as a whole. Wheel building is one of the key processes for the BFI with great investments into the technology, know - how and the machines.

Wheel building is performed at the BFI using the I.S.L. automatic machines by the Dutch brand Holland Mechanics. Our latest addition is a trueing OT Robot, which allows direct adjusting of rims with a screwdriver.

The main advantages of using the OT robot is more accurate trueing of the spokes, which does not damage the light coloured aluminium spoke nipples. It is a highly sophisticated technology used in the production of higher model lines. 

We build wheels using robots across all categories of wheels, including the lower model lines and electric bikes, where there are enormous demands on wheel quality. We use three SG robots for trueing of wheels using external adjustment fixtures. This method enables fast and accurate trueing, during which it is possible to use several types of spoke nipples-both standard nipples as well as the double square nipples. 

All the finishing wheel building processes are fully automated too. Bands to all wheels are applied using machines with stabilizer. Inner tubes and tires are mounted using special TMC machines.

22 employees of our wheel department can make 800 pairs of wheels during an eight-hour shift. Building of one wheel on average takes between 70 and 80 seconds-depending on the complexity of the spokes layout.