Paint shop

Paint quality is critical to the success of the bike with the customers; it is one of the most decisive factors. We are proud of the fact that every bike that leaves the production lines in the Bike Fun International is treated the best way possible in this aspect. 

We purchase the paints from the leading European suppliers:

  • water-based paints and powder coating in matt are supplied to the BFI by the PPG
  • powder coated paints in glossy finish come from the Wűrwag

Paints from both suppliers are highly solid and resistant to extreme weather as well as UV radiation. Bright glossy colours will literally dazzle you with their shine. 

“Colour Coating” coating

We apply paint to frames and components
We paint our frames and many other components (forks, fenders, carriers,...) in our state of the art and fully automated paint shop. Since 2003 we have been using the so called “wet”-painting technology.

This (water based) technology is used for the primer (base coat) and colour paints. In addition to these layers, we apply a third layer of transparent powder coating. This makes the colour skin much more durable and stronger than conventional colour powder coating only. 

Our colour coating:

  1. 1st layer: wet primer paint
  2. 2nd layer: wet colour paint
  3. Decals are applied on the colour paint
  4. Colour paint and decals are covered by a durable 3rd layer of transparent powder coating 

We use spraying robots by the French brand Sames to spray paints. Glossy paints are applied in a special air - conditioned environment at a constant temperature of 20.6 °C, which further optimizes their qualities. 

Advantages of painting by BFI

  • Environmentally friendly paint technology Flexible production
  • Colour changes possible until 10 weeks before delivery of the bike
  • A wide colour range to select from
  • Decals are protected by transparent powder coating