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Who we are

About BFI

The Bike Fun International Ltd. company (BFI) was founded in 2001 by a group of Dutch investors. Since November 2020, it has been acquired by the Czech company ConsilTech a.s., a member of the Czech Consillium investment holding.

In addition to in-house development and bicycle production of the own brands SUPERIOR, ROCK MACHINE and FRAPPÉ, BFI is engaged in the development of the Sport Drive electric system and the production of bicycle accessories under the ONE Bikeparts brand.

We produce up to 200,000 bicycles and e-bikes annually, and we have already manufactured over 2.5 million of them.

Our bicycles and products are exported to more than 28 countries worldwide. Our largest markets include the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, and France.

We employ nearly 500 experienced workers, who are the key pillars of our success.

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2001: BFI was founded, and the brand Superior was acquired

2002: First production of bicycles at the BFI factory in Kopřivnice

2007: Annual production surpassed 100,000 bicycles milestone

2009: Acquisition of the brand Rock Machine

2010: Logo change for BFI and the initiation of manufacturing our own concept of e-bikes

2011: One millionth bicycle produced

2014: Commenced operations of a new warehouse with a capacity for 50,000 bicycles

2015: Establishment of the brand Frappé

2016: Annual production exceeded 200,000 bicycles

2018: Introduction of our own electric system - Sport Drive

2019: Celebration of the 25th anniversary of the Rock Machine brand

2020: Launch of the new Airline line

2021: BFI commemorated its 20th founding anniversary

2023: Celebration of the 30th anniversary of the Superior brand


What we build on

Development and Manufacturing under One Roof

  • We internally manage the development and manufacturing of all our bicycles, from design and construction to final assembly. This approach grants us complete control over the design, construction, painting, wheel assembly, and assembly process.
  • Our team has significant experience, and we test our bicycles not only in laboratories but also in demanding terrains.

We invest in modern technologies and actively focus on the development of new innovations and improvements to our existing products

  • Thanks to continuous investments and innovations at all levels, we stand among the most advanced factories in Europe. Our facilities include robotic wheel-lacing lines, Air lines, automated painting booths, development and testing centers for e-bikes, sophisticated quality control procedures, weighing systems, and more.

Quality and safety of our products are our top priority

  • We prioritize the quality of both the manufactured bicycles and the production processes through rigorous quality checks at every stage.
  • Long-term partnerships with our customers and suppliers are an integral part of our philosophy.
  • Our goal is to deliver high-quality and reliable bicycles that cater to the needs of our customers.